The ‘Chicken’ Carvajal declined to demonstrate versus Petro in the Supreme Court

The former Venezuelan military officer was required to provide details on what the Venezuelan government could have illegally funded leftist groups and politicians for at least 15 years. , the former director of Venezuelan Intelligence, refused the invitation on Friday to speak before the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia.

The trial was set after Carvajal assured through a brief handed to the judge of the National Court of Spain Manuel Garcia-Castellon that the Venezuelan government “has illegally supported left-wing political groups around the globe for more than 15 years.”

Carvajal was talking about the Podemos Party which is a left-wing political party which was founded by Pablo Iglesias, and which is now part of the Spanish government. Carvajal also mentioned other Latin American politicians and parties such as Gustavo Petro.

However, it was noted during the examination on April 22 that not declare that he was in Spain and Colombia since they are both involved in the process of extradition to the United States. So it is not completely ruled out that he will extend what he has already stated in a document made in Spain on Petro.

He also voiced his displeasure with the Spanish judiciary.

Carvajal mentions the current presidential candidate in the document.

“As Director of Intelligence and Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela,” said Nestor Kirchner. was able to get a variety of reports that suggested that this international financing was happening. Examples of this include Nestor Kirchner, Argentina; Evo Mores, Bolivia; Lula D Silva, Brazil; Fernando Lugo and Ollanta Morales in Paraguay; Ollanta Umala, Peru, Zelaya, Honduras; Gustavo Petro in Colombia, and the Five Star Movement in Italy. All of these individuals were identified as Venezuelan government beneficiaries.

Gustavo Petro , who was confronted by this document He asked the Court conduct an inquiry to clarify the authenticity of the claims. This investigation will be concluded tomorrow, Thursday, and will be directed at Magistrate Cristina Lombana.

Petro stated that Petro was entitled to truth and justice, and that making false statements could endanger my good name and honor.

Hugo Carvajal, who are you? What were your explosive statements to the world?

Eight years ago, Carvajal, the “chicken”, was the head of the Military Counterintelligence Directorate of Venezuela. He was in office for eight years in the administration of Hugo Chavez or Nicolas Maduro.

His name began to gain prominence when he was included on the popular Clinton List, for allegedly being a supporter of the drug trafficking of the FARC. An arrest warrant was issued by a Florida judge since the beginning of May 2013. In addition to that, he was a major actor in Nicolas Maduro’s government, and he knew all the details about the Venezuelan president’s movements.

The DEA and the US Department of Justice charged him with facilitating cocaine trafficking within his country.

According to Spanish media reports, El Pollo says that a Venezuelan diplomat collected money from the Embassy in Cuba in Caracas. He then brought the cash to Spain using two methods. gustavo petro , he could deliver the cash in a diplomatic pouch to Spain or he could deliver it by himself in Caracas. seems to indicate that this scheme would have been repeated multiple times with different government and left-wing politicians in Spain and Latin America.

The country is currently waiting to hear what it will learn after changing its tune. Petro’s presidential campaign could be shaken by his comments.