Duque claims that Duque Petro of using his position to attack the army. He suggests that Petro should resign

He was scheduled to discuss pensions and the closing of Asofundos. Instead, the president spoke about politics.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech at the Asofondos Congress, Cartagena, did not go as planned. Instead, Duque began to talk about politics and the ways in which. https://app.web-coms.com/members/gustavo-petrojklh966/activity/985816/ was criticised for making use of his chair to criticize the army, and he was also critical of the fact that he is both a candidate as well as a congressman.

Duvalier Sanchez confronted him to question him regarding his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s remark against Gustavo Petro’s.

“Article 209” of the Constitution specifically bans military forces participating in political scenarios or participating in democratic debates. The nation is in shock. https://gustavopetrofrls736.wordpress.com/2022/04/25/army-reservists-back-general-zapateiro-while-criticizing-gustavo-petro/ ‘s a crucial moment for that General Zapateiro took part in,” Sanchez said as the phone was held up and broadcasted everything that was happening on his Facebook account.

The president responded to the controversy with a strong defense of Zapateiro. https://notes.io/Qybu said anyone with allegations against members of public force personnel should face trial.

President Duque did not stop there and took the opportunity to criticize Petro’s dual roles today as a congressman and head of the opposition, and also as a candidate.

“Who is making the accusations? Are http://b3.zcubes.com/v.aspx?mid=8097259 or an individual candidate? The president informed me that I was resigning as a member of Congress following the successful consultation. This was in order to be able, as a candidate, to freely express my opinion and not put on an uni-helmet to criticize the institution and then present myself as the victim. https://telegra.ph/A-hard-cross-Gustavo-Petro–General-Zapateiro-04-25-2 is not democracy.”

Sanchez tried to keep up with the controversy but the president was adamant and demanded that he follow the guidelines.

What caused the fight between Petro & Zapateiro to begin?

Petro posted this message to his networks on April 20, “While the troops are killed during the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals who are on the payroll of the clan are also being killed.” “The leadership is corrupted when drug trafficking leaders end up rising to generals,” wrote the presidential candidate.

https://www.openlearning.com/u/wangpaulsen-rawk3t/blog/HardCrossBetweenGustavoPetroAmpGeneralZapateiro was exactly the same “Senator,” he said, “Do not use your power of investiture to politicize our deaths instead, you must fulfill your citizen obligation of substantiated complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of the details mentioned, whoever and wherever you are.”