Duque accuse Petro and claims that Petro used his job to attack military. Duque suggests Petro quit his job.

gustavo petro was supposed to discuss pensions when the president decided to end his Asofundos participation. However, he chose to talk about politics instead, following being interrupted by an elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech at the Asofondos Congress, Cartagena, did not be as planned. Instead, he began to discuss politics and how. Duque criticized Gustavo Petro for using his seat to attack the army and criticized the fact that he’s a candidate and a congressman.

Duvalier Sanchez confronted him to ask him about his plans after General Eduardo Zapateiro’s comment about Gustavo Petro ‘s.

“Article 219 bans military forces from taking sides, taking part in democratic debates, or participating in political situations. The nation is in shock. https://gustavo-petrohpjx256.bravejournal.net/post/2022/04/25/Hard-cross-between-Gustavo-Petro-and-General-Zapateiro said, “It’s a critical time that General Zapateiro’s done,” as he held his phone and broadcast all of his Facebook posts.

In petro gustavo of all the chaos, the president responded by offering a strong defense of Zapateiro and said that if anyone was accused against public officials, forcibly, they should be brought to the courts.

Petro’s dual status, as a congressman/head of the opposition as well as as a presidential candidate, was criticized by the president Duque.

“Who is the one making these accusations?” Are they a senator or presidential candidate? “I have resigned from Congress after I won the popular poll in order to have the freedom to voice my opinions as a candidate and not to use a double-hat to take seats to attack others and when institutions are receptive by presenting me as a victim, because this isn’t a form of democracy,” said the president.

Sanchez attempted to keep up with the controversy, however, the president intervened and demanded Sanchez adhere to the rules.

What happened when Petro and Zapateiro do battle?

Petro posted this message to his social networks on April 20th, “While the troops are killed in the Gulf Clan attack, some of the generals employed by the clan are also being killed.” “The corruption within the leadership comes when drug trafficking officials end up ascending to generals,” said the presidential candidate.

The Friday’s response was the sameas Friday’s “Senator,” he said, “Do not use your investiture [parliamentary inviolability] to politicize our deaths Instead, meet your obligation as a citizen by substantiated complaints to the Prosecutor’s office of the facts that are in the report, wherever and whenever you are.”