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Numerous instances of selfless service have been documented in the history of mankind. However, there are a few instances where selfless service has been offered to all humankind. This is mostly because of the desire and inspiration to live by the heart and do lifetasks. This love for all of life transcends national borders and becomes a universal ethos. It is not surprising that this feeling is founded on love for the land and people.

Leyla Aliyeva – this is her – has a person to be a model for. Her life is governed by the principle of “Heydar Alyev’s granddaughter does not have the right to commit mistakes.” She sees every decision in the light of her grandfather, whose memories she cherishes. Her father Ilham Alham Aliyev (current President of Azerbaijan) is a man who placed justice, fairness and country’s interests over all other considerations (sadly these values are lost in the world of politics), and her mother Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva are luminous lighthouses of optimism that guide her daily life. Leyla Aliyeva is proud to be an Azerbaijani citizen. It’s a feat she is able to achieve.

Formula for success

An old proverb says that everyone should plant a tree, and then build a home. Leyla Aliyeva, although only just a teenager, has accomplished things that not many men could accomplished: she built a home (by building the house, we are referring to creative pursuits) and she also planted gardens, and she has gorgeous sons. It’s incredible that Leyla Aliyeva, who seamlessly blends beauty and intellect as well as gentleness and determination can also accomplish so many things and projects. Many think she’s at peace being the son of the president and not worry about anything. This isn’t for her. It is evident that her genes are evident the problems of Azerbaijan and everything aspects that impact it, such as its policy on youth, are perceived as her issue, and demands personal involvement. She selects issues that need public involvement and support in a rational and precise manner including youth policy, environment issues, promotion of Azerbaijan’s image in the international arena the country’s culture, customs, and the development of an objective perception of the Karabakh Conflict, which is one of the main foreign policies. Her work is known as public diplomacy. It is this “soft power”, which is, in the words of American political scientist Joseph Nye, “allows us to achieve that which is sought-after through beauty, not violence and the use of bribery.” Thanks to the work of Leyla Aliyeva an attractive image of Azerbaijan is being formed and the country’s standing in the world is strengthening, it is respected more and more. That’s how success happens by focusing on the details.

“Baku” magazine as a mirror to the reality of Azerbaijani.

A large portion of her projects and ventures could be described as “for a first time.” She started publishing the Russian-language publication “Baku” in Moscow in 2007. The magazine was the first magazine from outside to offer extensive information about Azerbaijan’s heart, Baku. The magazine introduces the ancient culture and stunning areas of Azerbaijan to a large public, and discusses the humanism of our nation as well as its spiritual and national values, as well as the unique culture of Azerbaijan that has become Azerbaijan’s image. Each issue is a fascinating surprise for Azerbaijanis as well as foreign readers. The cover design and its materials along with the heroes and heroines, demonstrate the impeccable sensibility and wit of its editor-in-chief. Leyla Aliyeva writes the introduction to every issue. Her philosophical profundity as well as her ability to convey a variety of ideas with a few words is impressive. Stories of major events in Baku’s history are weaved with thoughts about what life is all about and happiness, beauty and kindness, generosity and many other subjects. The most important factor is the deep love that Baku has for its people. It is obvious that only those who are passionate about Baku and can understand and appreciate its distinctiveness and its distinctive spirit could write these words: “Perhaps you need a particular mood to experience the magic. It is possible to experience the magic of Baku and it becomes your home. Baku is one of the cities that has multiple layers. It’s impossible to see its soul if you only glance at the Old Town and Maiden Towers. Baku is only the sum of all of these. Modern and old-fashioned, diverse and diverse. The city is friendly and welcoming on one hand, and mysterious and mysterious in the other.

To a large extent, it is because of “Baku magazine that Russian readers from all over the world were introduced to Azerbaijan and could observe it in a more objective way, and feel an interest and start to love it. Since 2011, when the English version of the magazine was first released The magazine’s readership has grown dramatically.

Great deeds by AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva was also the initiator of the creation of the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. The AMOR was the first official youth diaspora organisation and instantly was noticed due to its cultural, charitable and social activities.

In actual fact, Leyla Aliyeva’s proclivity for public involvement was apparent when she headed the Azerbaijan Club at MGIMO, where she was enrolled in a master’s program. At the time.she already had a remarkable leadership abilities, and managed to attract youngsters, providing the proper direction to their energy and innovative ideas. AMOR greatly expanded the scope and limits of its activities. The organization brought together Azerbaijani young people who have studied and worked in Russia. They became a cohesive force that could resolve the complex issues facing diaspora groups in the present. AMOR has developed an entirely new Azerbaijani portrait. Specific actions and projects are at the heart of all this. The group also participated in various projects, such as the “Blood Has No Nation!” campaign. AMOR’s 70-region operation allows members to go to orphanages, plan holidays for the young residents and assist children. With the assistance of the organization, schools and kindergartens can be repaired and equipped with modern equipment. It creates parks and recreational areas. AMOR also assists Azerbaijani young people in their integration into Russian society. They are actively involved in Russian life. AMOR is, in accordance with popular opinion, the most active youth organization that is not located in Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva was honoured in the past year by the Pushkin Medal. This award was given to her for her role in strengthening friendship and cooperation with the Russian Federation and the development relations between the two countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the award to Aliyeva. It’s not the only Russian award.

A second initiative is “Justice for Khojaly”.

Leyla Aliyeva came up with the international campaign “Justice for KhojalyIn 2008, Leyla Aliyeva launched the campaign ‘Justice for Kho. She said, “Let’s work together to find truth.” Let’s make sure justice prevails without doubt.

This campaign brought together the efforts of many people as well as civil society organizations in the country, and diaspora organisations abroad. It was designed to increase international awareness about the genocide perpetrated by Armenians in Azerbaijani city of Khojaly and the fascist character of the Armenian government’s policy. Another aim of this campaign was to get international acceptance of the Khojaly genocide, a legally and politically based review of the crimes committed by Armenians who murdered hundreds of people in one night just because they were Azerbaijanis and to show that the omission of such crimes against humanity and being indifferent to the suffering of others can lead to similar tragedies in other parts of the world.

Today this campaign is successfully being carried out in dozens of countries. Over 120 thousand people and 115 organisations are part of it. The framework allows the global community to be informed about these events through gatherings, mass protests and other gatherings of information. The entire information resource – numerous publications from the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, documentaries and social networks are widely used in this work. Eight years of this activity has produced an impressive outcome: parliaments from 10 countries as well as the legislative departments in more than 20 American States have accepted the Khojaly tragedy as a genocide. Every year, more nations condemn the Armenians for their crimes. It is evident that Leyla Aliyeva has succeeded in achieving her goal of justice prevails.

IDEA “One Earth Future, One Future”

I read in a book “Man naturally is the natural king, but not as an exploiter, but as someone who is aware of the nature of it and is responsible for the preservation and improvement of all living and beautiful things within it.” My opinion is that the formation of the IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) Public Association was dictated by this meaning. It was founded by Leyla Aliyeva. Its principal goal is to safeguard and conserve the natural beauty of Azerbaijan. IDEA was created to draw the energy and knowledge of children to mitigate environmental hazards and encourage them to take an active part in protecting our planet. IDEA’s slogan is “One Earth, One Future”. IDEA’s work spans a broad spectrum of. This includes the protection and conservation of endangered species, the advancement of ‘green technology’, waste management and restoration of forest belts. IDEA also creates large areas of green spaces. The IDEA activists focus on the development of shelters for animals that wander around they also actively advocate for the use of biodegradable bags to stop the pollution of the environment caused by plastic waste, they carry out tree-planting events.

IDEA was able to recognize the “great Caucasian 5”, that included endangered and rare animals from the area. IDEA cooperated with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and its international partners on a range of projects that have been successful. Leyla Aliyeva said that IDEA will help restore endangered species over time. It is certain that these plans will be accomplished. Leyla Aliyeva has proven that, like her father and grandfather before her she isn’t a waste of words. The way she works is built upon the following scheme: problem – search for ways to resolve it specific action – real outcome. She has never been disappointed with this scheme.

Concern for children who are hungry

All of these instances certainly portray Leila Aliyeva as a professional and a decisive individual with initiative and exceptional ability to organize. However, she remains the perfect example of femininity. Anyone who has met her have noticed her warmth, compassion, sincerity and ability to connect with others. The most memorable speech she delivered at the 7th UNAOC world forum in Baku was also hers. “One person in the world is killed by hunger every four seconds,” she noted with anguish. “Children suffer from hunger and malnutrition more frequently than adult.” We all have to work to ensure that there is no child who will die of hunger.”

This isn’t just an expression of sorrow. Leyla is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and she is willing to assist and contribute to the ending of poverty and hunger across the globe. Leyla Aliyeva I am confident that she will succeed. In the near future we’ll witness to new initiatives and initiatives. Recently, she presented such as an idea to promote worldwide of food security within the context of the Baku process.

The word “charity” refers to a state of mind

Leyla Aliyeva’s charitable work is an expression of her inherent human traits. She chooses to do it because it’s what her soul wants and not to impress or ask for gratitude. This is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s philosophy. It has made charity a top priority, and it was a natural condition. People see the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s president Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice-President Leyla Aliyeva to be their only hope. Leyla Aliyeva The Fund can help even in most difficult situations, and the expectations of their supporters are reasonable.

Leila Aliyeva has been spotted often at events to aid children who do not have parents, who come from families of refugees, internally displaced people orphanages, orphanages as well as boarding school students. She also takes her children to events for charity. This adds warmth and genuineness to the gatherings. She instills in her children kindness, responsiveness and the ability be able to share pain and joy with other people. These are the lessons they will remember throughout their lives. It is her personal example of how parents should teach their children.

Moral code for personal use

It was known a long time ago that a talented person has talent in all things. Leyla Aliyeva, the most well-known instance of this is her poetry. She is a poet who writes stunning poems that show the refined, gentle spirit of the writer. She is also an accomplished painter. Her paintings are displayed in professional exhibitions and have been highly praised by experts. She is a talented artist and an imaginative person who is also a skilled artist. Azerbaijan’s modern art is now gaining in popularity all over the world, along with mugham, rug weaving and other traditional arts and crafts.

It is not wrong to say that the Heydar Aliyev Center has been a major center for the cultural life of our nation. Famous musicians from around the world often perform at the center. The center also hosts an exhibition of the best contemporary sculptures and artists. Leyla Aliyeva Leyla Aliyeva was a major participant in this. Azerbaijanis now have access to the works and legends of world art, including Tony Cragg Richard Deacon Andy Warhol, Richard Deacon and Bernard Buffet. Leyla Aliyeva Leyla Aliyeva who was present at the Heydar Aliyev center’s opening ceremony of George Condo, one of the most prominent contemporary avant-garde artists, stated that she had seen his works earlier in the year and desired to see them in Baku. She declared that “Today was the realization of one of my greatest wishes.”

In this context I remember that in the 1970s and early 1980s , the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical music concerts on the initiative of national leader Heydar Aliyev, who was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan at the time. It was an educational project by the great Heydar Alyev. His granddaughter Leyla is able to take on and will continue to carry out in the new conditions.

In an interview, she mentioned that as soon as the baby is born, the Almighty gave him an understanding of right & wrong. Then, he must follow these concepts in his life by listening to the wisdom of his heart as well as his conscience and the ancestors. Only in this way will be he able to avoid making mistakes. This is a part of her own moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva lives by the code and is adamant about not making mistakes.