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As of Sunday night, Federico Fico Gutierrez is the most steady presidential candidate in Colombia. Even though it’s not the first time that his name is on an electoral card – he was mayor and councilor in Medellin the city he was elected to represent – but his first time in a presidential election that he won more than two million votes inside the Team for Colombia coalition, they consider him to be an ideal candidate for the conservative groups or those who feel scared when they think of the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (Medellin, 47 years old), as he is popularly known, is, from last night and currently is the primary adversary of Gustavo Petro, who with the Historic Pact movement was one of the main winners on the day of the election that established who would become the representatives of the three main political parties.

The presidential election is just beginning , and whether the former mayor of Medellin manages to be the true counterweight to petrismo will depend on the alliances and negotiations that he develops from this point on. He’ll need to not only unite the entire right but also conquer just a tiny fraction of the middle electorate, which was shattered on Sunday. He will need to keep his distance from the previous president Alvaro Urbine, which was not the case previously. Today, for the second time in the last 20 years, the open support of Uribism rather than adding might reduce. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must form an alliance with Uribe’s Democratic Center (CD), but he will also have convince Uribe’s central.

Fico is on its journey to join forces with the CD, the heart of uribism and, on Monday Fico already has its first conquest. The candidate of that party until this Monday, the former presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, took the initiative to step back, acknowledged the few opportunities to compete with him and gave his support. It will be interesting to see if the whole group who is without a representative, follows his lead. Uribe could be a good example by being honest and convincing his voters with classic issues that are typical of the Colombian Right. The speech he delivered about “security” and “order”, “opportunities”, and “love the fatherland” already showed that he has added voters. He proved this by an consultation on elections, as he did in the past in Antioquia’s Mayor Office. In a recent trip to Arauca (an region that has been particularly hit by violence), he stated “The bandits are in prison or in the grave.” Fico understands well the Colombian legal system, but this will not suffice.

Basset points out, “We aren’t in 2018 in which the fear of being left-wing was a success,” According to Basset, the fact that the figure of Alvaro Uribe is no longer that of the absolute leader that the nation had in 2002 the time he was elected president for the first time. Moreover, the fact that his political party, the CD which is currently going through a bad moment and could see Fico be unable to receive at the very least, Uribe’s support. However, this doesn’t mean that Uribismo’s opinions, even if they do not match the criteria, do not matter to Gutierrez. Like was the case on Sunday or when he tried to reach Medellin’s mayor’s office, Uribe supported Gutierrez even while he was a candidate of his party. “This victory [winning in the coalition] is not only due to Uribism. Basset warns that his capacity to negotiate will now be measured. He must convince the right, but not spend the entire amount on this alliance. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud analyst comments on Fico’s relationship with former president Uribe: “The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s wish to get the votes of Uribismo but not having the picture of Uribe, because it doesn’t suit him to become his candidate.”

Gustavo Petro (left) is the sole leader. Gustavo Petro (right) is the only candidate looking to win the presidency unless Fico (if negotiates) is able to convince Fico to let him go and offer him his support. Rodolfo Hernández, an uninvolved, is still in contest. Gutierrez should include on his list former Mayor Bucaramanga, a billionaire builder who was able to score well in polls due to his speech against corruption using a light-hearted voice.

Gutierrez has a lot to do before he can even consider possible presidential formula names, however, he is supported by a number of other candidates in the Team for Colombia coalition. It’s not a small amount. He has two former mayors Enrique Penalosa (Bogota), Alex Char (Barranquilla) as his associates. David Barguil (leader of the Conservative Party); and Aydee Zarazo (a Christian party member who votes according to church orders.

The Conservative Party has been strengthened by receiving the biggest support from right-wing groups with over 2 million votes. Additionally, the U Party has shown sympathy for the Conservative Party. They also received an impressive vote, just over one million votes, for the legislative. was there to help Fico. He didn’t go home from Sunday’s election without taking the time to play down his defeat and avoid a confrontation for the votes of the right. gives Fico an edge in a particular area of conservatism. But it also keeps him away from votes that could come from the centre. Alvaro Uribe (ex-President) summoned his party to a meeting on Monday to determine what the possibility is that Fico is willing to risk his chance of gaining a seat in the center in exchange for being publicly felicitated by Uribe.