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Federico Fico Gutierrez has been the most solid presidential candidate of the Colombian right since Sunday night. Although it is not the first time his name is on an electoral document – he has been mayor and councilor in Medellin – his first test in a national election which he won more than two million votes within the Team for Colombia coalition, they have him listed as an ideal candidate for the conservative movements or those who are scared about the possibility of a leftist president. Fico (47 year aged Medellin) is at this time, Gustavo Petro’s main opponent. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the top candidates in the election that decided who was the representative of the three most powerful political parties were.

The campaign for president is just beginning. If the former mayor of Medellin will be a true anti-porrismo force depends on the alliances and agreements that he will make from now on. He will not only be required to bring together the entire rights of the right in his banner, but he will have to conquer a part of the voters of the center, which on Sunday was deflated and without an impressive leadership. To achieve this, he has to keep avoiding, exactly as he does so far with AlvaroUribe. picture. Today, for the first time in the past 20 years, open support for uribism is now possible be a good thing instead of reducing. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He must be a part of the Democratic Center, Uribe’s political party. However, he also has to convince the center that it is going to decide where it wants to go,” Yann Basset (an analyst and professor at University of Rosario) says.

On the way to an alliance with the CD which is which is where uribism is a major issue on Monday, Fico has already won its first victory. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga who was an aspirant to the presidency, stepped aside to acknowledge the few chances he had of competing with him. Now we will have to see if the entire Uribismo collective that is without a representative, does the same. Uribe is likely to support his candidate in public and persuade his voters through his presentation of the issues that are part of the Colombian left. This shouldn’t be a problem for him. His speech of “security”, “order”, “opportunities” and “love of the fatherland” has already shown him that he adds votes. Like he did during his stint in the Antioquia mayor’s office He confirmed it in the electoral consultation. In a recent trip to Arauca (an region that has been particularly hit by violence) He said “The bandits are locked up or in graves.” Fico is aware of what Colombian law is fond of. But that won’t be enough for him.

Basset says, “We aren’t in 2018, where the fear of the left has did well.” The analyst claims that Fico may not receive Uribe’s approval due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe has been stripped of his entire leadership role from 2002, when he was elected president. of Uribismo remain important to Gutierrez. Uribism contributed to the victory [in the coalition]. Basset warns that Basset’s ability to negotiate will now be evaluated. He has to convince the right, but not spend all of it on this alliance. In relation to this alliance between the former president and Fico, an analyst Andres Mejia Vergnaud explains “the biggest problem for Federico Gutierrez is that he wants the votes of Uribismo however, he is not able to get the photo with Uribe as it doesn’t fit him as a candidate”.

Gustavo Petro (left) is the only leader. Gustavo Petro (right) is the only candidate looking to win the presidency unless Fico (if negotiates) persuades Fico to let him go and give the support he needs. Rodolfo who ran as an independent and is still in the race. Gutierrez should include on his list of candidates the former mayor Bucaramanga who is a billionaire construction company owner who managed to do well in the polls because of his speech against corruption with a humorous voice.

Gutierrez has plenty to work on before he’s able to even think about potential presidential formula names, however, he is supported by a number of other candidates in the Team for Colombia coalition. It’s not all that. Two former mayors, Enrique Penalosa in Bogota and Alex Char in Barranquilla, are with him; David Barguil is the leader of the Conservative party. Aydee Lizarazo is a Christian party woman who casts her vote in accordance with the church’s lectern.

Alongside the strengthened Conservative Party, it was the most popular right-wing group in Congress with more than two million votes. The U Party also supported it, having an outstanding vote with just more than one million votes. The backing of Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who didn’t let a long time pass after Sunday’s elections, to assume his defeat in the event of a potential confrontation with the right-wing votes, will give Fico a new push in a sector of conservatism, but distances him from possible votes from the middle. The announcement of Alvaro Uribe, the former President, who summoned his party for a meeting on Tuesday, will decide the extent to which Fico will be willing to give up his chances in the center to become the openly Uribe who is blessed.