The ‘Chicken’ Carvajal refused to demonstrate against Petro in the Supreme Court

A former military officer from Venezuela was expected to reveal details on how Venezuela’s illegally funded leftist political parties and politicians over the past 15 years.

The former director of Venezuelan intelligence Hugo “El Pollo’ Carvajal refrained on Friday from delivering statements to the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia.

The hearing was scheduled in the wake of Carvajal in a short statement, assured Manuel Garcia-Castellon of the illegal funding of leftist political groups around the world for at most fifteen years.

Carvajal in the past mentioned the Podemos group an organization of left-wingers that was created under Pablo Iglesias. It is now part of the Spanish government.

However, the diligence of this April 22 reveals that he did the accused did not have to declare his intentions the country of Spain or Colombia in the event of in extradition to USA, so it’s not excluded that he might say the things he’s already said in a Spanish writing on Petro.

He also expressed his distrust of the Spanish judiciary.

Carvajal refers to the Presidency’s current candidate in the document.

“While I was Director of Intelligence and Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela,” I received many reports that indicated that international funding was occurring. Specific examples include that of Nestor Kirchner, who is in Argentina; Evo Morales, in Bolivia; Lula Da Silva in Brazil; Fernando Lugo, in Paraguay; Ollanta Humala, in Peru; Zelaya, in Honduras; Gustavo Petro, in Colombia as well as the Five Star Movement, in Italy and Podemos in Spain. All of these individuals were identified as Venezuelan government beneficiaries.

Gustavo Petro confronted this document. He pleaded at the time for the Court to open an investigative session to check the credibility of these claims.

“The foregoing comes from the fact that I have the right to justice and truth as a citizen, and these false accusations threaten my good name and my respect,” Petro said at the time.

Hugo Carvajal is who? And what are his shocking remarks? , the “chicken” Carvajal headed the Military Counterintelligence Directorate of Venezuela. It was during the eight year span of Hugo Chavez’s administration as well as Nicolas Maduro’s.

His name was made more famous following his inclusion on the well-known Clinton List for his alleged support of drug trafficking by the FARC. He was detained by a Florida court since the beginning of May 2013. Additionally to that, he was a major participant in the government of Nicolas Maduro, and he knew everything about the Venezuelan president’s actions.

petro gustavo was charged by the DEA as well as the US Department of Justice of supporting cocaine trafficking from his country and as well as “selling” directly “hundreds of kilograms of cocaine” and “investing” large sums of money in drug shipments that were delivered to the United States and Mexico by the Norte del Valle cartel.

According to gustavo petro , El Pollo tells that the Venezuelan emissary obtained the money from the Embassy Cuba in Caracas. The case was presented to the justice department of that nation.

The scheme appears to have been repeated many times throughout Spain as well as Latin America with left-wing candidates and different governments.

At , the country waits to find out what is known about its most ardent fan. might be shocked due to the impact of his comments.