The ‘Chicken’ Carvajal declined to indicate against Petro in the Supreme Court

A former Venezuelan military officer was expected by media outlets to reveal how Venezuelan politicians and leftist political parties were illegally funded for at most 15 year.

Hugo “El Pollo’ Carvajal is the former director of Venezuelan Intelligence. He was arrested on Friday and was barred from making statements to Colombia’s Supreme Court of Justice.

The hearing was scheduled following Carvajal assured through a brief delivered to the judge of the National Court of Spain Manuel Garcia-Castellon that his Venezuelan government “has illegally financed leftist political groups around the globe for more than 15 years.”

Carvajal was not just referring to not just the Podemos party (left-wing group that was founded by Pablo Iglesias) but also other Latin American politicians, parties and even parties like Gustavo Petro.

However, on despite all the effort, observed that Colombia and Spain are not allowed to declare. This makes it possible that the United States extradite him.

He also voiced his displeasure with the Spanish judiciary.

Carvajal’s documents highlighting the present presidential candidate of Colombia reads:

“While I was the Director of Intelligence and Military Counterintelligence of Venezuela I received numerous reports that indicated that this international financing was occurring. include Nestor Kirchner (Argentina); Evo Morales (Bolivia); Lula Da Silva (Brazil); Fernando Lugo (Paraguay); Ollanta Huala, Peru; Zelaya; Zelaya in Honduras); Gustavo Petro (Colombia) as well as the Five Star Movement (Italy) and Podemos (Spain). They were all listed as Venezuelan recipients of money.

Gustavo Petro asked the Court to conduct an inquiry into the credibility of the allegations. declared at the time that “The previous statement is based on the fact that I have the right to truth and justice as an American citizen” and that making false statements affected my good name and reputation.

Who is Hugo Carvajal and what have been his explosive declarations?

In the year 2008 ‘chicken” Carvajal headed the Military Counterintelligence Directorate of Venezuela. petro gustavo was in the eight years between Hugo Chavez’s presidency as well as Nicolas Maduro’s.

petro gustavo gained traction when he joined the well-known Clinton List. For allegedly supporting gustavo petro trafficking, he is believed to have been. A warrant for his arrest was issued by a Florida court in May 2013. He also became a key part of the government of Nicolas Maduro. He was aware of all the details and moves of the Venezuelan President.

He was accused by the DEA as well as the US Department of Justice of encouraging cocaine trafficking from his home country, as well as “selling” directly “hundreds of kilos of cocaine” and “investing” huge sums of money in drug shipments that were sent to the United States and Mexico by the Norte del Valle cartel.

According to Spanish media, El Pollo tells that the Venezuelan ambassador obtained the cash from the Embassy Cuba in Caracas. was then presented before the justice of the nation.

It is believed that the strategy was repeated with several governments across Spain as well as Latin America, as well as with left-leaning candidates.

At present, the nation waits to find out what’s going to be revealed after its fan turns on. His comments could certainly alter Petro’s presidential bid.