The Attorney General’s Office will investigate General Zapateiro for his possible involvement in politics.

The Attorney General’s Office will inform General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro of the opening and closing of a preliminary inquiry against him over his possible participation to politics.

Before opening Gustavo Petro , the Attorney General’s Office had examined several elements. gustavo petro verified that the account is the official account of the Army commanding officer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has examined the evidence and concluded that General Zapateiro broke the rules prohibiting citizens of the forces to participate in an election.

Then, started the Twitter thread to address the candidate. was controversial and included his comments “I haven’t seen any general on television receiving poor cash.” Colombians have seen you take money out of bags of garbage. weighed in on the issue and presented their views in front of the general’s rifirrafe and the candidate. Keep in mind that the Office will also conduct investigations regarding alleged involvement in politics, such as Zapateiro; Cartagena William Dau, the mayors of Medellin and Cartagena as well as the mayors of Bogota and Claudia Lopez; the Manizales Carlos Mario Marin; Ibague Andres Hurtado as well as the governor Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.