Petro will not attend the pension account argument at the Asofundos Congress

Santiago Montenegro the president of Asofondos announced the announcement in the context of FIAP International Congress. Montenegro regretted not being able to attend the gathering. All presidential candidates will participate in the pension debate on Friday, in Cartagena. would be first to have him here and accompany us but I’m not able to understand the reason he is absent, since this Congress is the perfect forum to debate these pension concerns,” stated the president of Asofondos.

gustavo petro claimed that he worked as a political agent with Gustavo Petro, the candidate for the Historic Pact. He also said that he worked alongside Gustavo Petro in 1998 during the presidential campaign for Noemi.

“When petro gustavo resigned from National Planning, he made an announcement on the internet that he was sorry for me leaving the administration. He also stressed that I was the best official in the government of Alvaro Uribe and I contacted him to thank him.” The president exclaimed.