Get Rid Of Spider Mite (DIY) Killer

homemade spider mite killer

There are many options when it comes to homemade spider mite killing. You can use hydrogen peroxide or garlic to kill spider mites. However, some methods may require hand spreading to reach under-leaf areas. Diatomaceous earth will not kill spider mites without the correct amount of spread. You can also purchase Doktor Doom Spider Mite spray that contains pyrethrins. This aerosol is safe for both indoor and outdoor plants. Its nonresidual formula ensures quick elimination of insects and safety for pets.


Onions repel spider mites and are very attractive to them. You can also use garlic extract. You can also cut a garlic clove into pieces and soak it in water 30 minutes. Allow the mixture to sit for at least one week on your plants. You can also use the same method to treat home plants as long as it is organic. Use the onion spray only if it is not already diluted with water.

One tablespoon of soap dissolved in one cup of water is an effective spider mite killer. You can use this mixture directly on your plants, but it is more effective to dilute it in order to lessen its effects. You may need to use chemical spider mite killers if the spider mites grow large. However, you have to be careful when purchasing spider mite killer. Some plants are sensitive and should not be treated with soap.


Garlic is a common remedy for spider mites at home. Garlic has strong antivenom properties which make it a good choice for spider mite control. Garlic extract is an effective pesticide, which can be combined with other herbs. It has a wide spectrum of effects. Onion brew and garlic oil are great natural remedies for eliminating spider mites from your home. You can also combine them to make your own spray.

Garlic is one of many home remedies that can be used to control spider mites. This herb is great for pest control because of its anti-microbial qualities. This homemade pesticide is made from one clove of garlic and one gallon of water. This mixture can be sprayed on infested crops to kill the insects. Spraying your plants with this mixture will stop them from reorganizing and help them recover quickly. You can mix two cups of water with a clove of garlic if you are unsure about how to apply garlic.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a homemade pesticide if you are tired spending money on chemicals. It’s nontoxic and very effective in killing spider mites. Concentrated peroxide can be purchased for frequent infestations. You can dilute it to the strength you prefer. You can also buy regular peroxide at the pharmacy if you are dealing with a rare infestation.

Hydrogen peroxide has excellent antifungal properties. It can kill gnat larvae, cutworms and other soft-bodied insect species. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to stop root rot and prevent plants from getting too much water. Hydrogen peroxide can also cause side effects that can be harmful to your plants.

Eucalyptus oil

To get rid of these annoying insects, you can make your own homemade spider mite killer using eucalyptus oils. This oil has potent antibacterial properties, making it an excellent remedy for any number of illnesses. Eucalyptus oil repels insects more effectively than any chemical products. It can be used for several hours at a stretch, and it also works longer.

Eucalyptus Oil can also be used to kill fleas. Mix a few drops of eucalyptus oils into pet shampoo and apply it to the animal’s skin multiple times per day. To keep fleas away, you can spray it on your bedding. Use a couple of drops on your bedding or in a spray bottle.

Liquid kelp

Liquid Kelp is a natural insecticide which kills spider mites upon contact. It’s also good for your plants. It is made from fossilized sea creatures. Diatomaceous earth can be used safely and it works well when combined to other insecticides. Learn more about the many benefits of liquid kelp. This herb is beneficial to plants, and may even be used in place of chemical pesticides.

To make a homemade spider mite spray, you’ll need a 1 or 2-gallon sprayer. Mix the kelp with five tablespoons of soap for every gallon. It is important to add the soap first. Otherwise, you will end up with a foamy spray. This natural insecticide can be made in five minutes. It’s great for your compost heap.

Neem oil

Make a neem oil-based spider mite killer by mixing one quart with quarter cup of diatomaceous soil. Spray the mixture onto your plants. Neem Oil acts like a desiccant and absorbs moisture from insects and spider mites. The compound is mechanically ineffective and the insects will not be able to resist it. Neem Oil can easily be applied to plants by using a Qtip.

Before you spray your plants with neem oil, you must dilute it with warm water and dish soap. To mix the two liquids, shake the spray bottle. The mixture will separate if it is not diluted with water. The solution will become too strong if it is not first diluted with water. To avoid any adverse effects on your plants, use distilled water whenever possible.