Fico Gutierrez took part in the Medellin Half Marathon, how did it go?

Fico Gutierrez was a potential candidate who woke up on Sunday to run the Corre mi Tierra Half Marathon (21 kilometers) in Medellin.

Fico ran along with Margarita Gomez, his wife, and 15 000 others who met on the streets of the Antioquian capital. is a Medellin resident, who is famous for his athletic pursuits such as running marathons and cycles — said that he would promote Colombians as president by promoting well-known schools throughout the territory, seedbeds from an early age, as well as the creation of infrastructure.

He also stated that the program of his government includes the commitment of those who devote themselves academically to promote the sport in all its forms.

Fico received thousands upon thousands of words of support and affection while he walked through Antioquia in the midst of marathoners. A large number of participants came to Fico to show their support.

Recently, for Colombia candidate has been on a tour around the country. For instance, on Saturday he was in Boyaca which is a department of religion in accordance with tradition. It was also the place that, Petro visited this Friday. is where the ex-mayor of Medellin was seeking to become a center-right politician. He was there to meet with peasants, academics and academics as well as businessmen.

Fico was in the Tunja Convention Center where he brought together a large number of people who supported him at May 29’s polls.