Fico Gutierrez continues to conquer voters. He has launched a new campaign in Boyaca with an appearance at the Virgin of Chiquinquira

Federico Gutierrez, the presidential candidate, is clear that voters can get their votes from the streets. There are only 32 days to the first round of the presidential race, and he’s promising to fight Gustavo Petro, who is his primary rival, to win the House of Narino vote in the second round.

Gutierrez woke up this Saturday and set out to Boyaca, a renowned religious district which Petro went to on Friday. He was mayor for a time of Medellin and is currently a candidate for center-right.

Fico was in the Tunja Convention Center where he assembled a significant number of people who supported him at May 29’s elections.

Federico shared ruana, and hundreds of Colombians supporting his choice for the Team for Colombia. Federico also shared a Twitter video in which he praised the citizens of Tunja. He said: “We are Going to Be Winners, We All should run for the presidency to change and unite Colombia.” As he recorded a variety of people who are in his support but he was not stopping.

“Happy in Boyaca!” He added, “Happy in Boysaca!”

The second participant on the ballot was one who made it to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira. It is a place where hundreds of faithful followers gather every weekend. In the midst of all the attention of his followers, as well as those waiting to receive the early morning Eucharist the head of centre-right kneeled before the Virgin and laid his hands upon the breast of the Virgin.

“I asked Virgin to give me wisdom. asked him to assist me and all the families in Colombia for peace and humility.” He replied.

The presidential hopeful was also captured on video at this location. Prior to entering the region and interacting with the locals, he was greeted by a large number who hugged him. He also wore the uniform of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez was at the church carrying the customary Boyacan and Virgin of Chiquinquira ruanas on his chest. It was a display of his faith that he has shown throughout his political campaign. Recall that three weeks ago the Antioquian traveled to Jericho, Antioquia, and attended the birthplace of Mother Laura, the only Colombian saint who was recently canonized by Pope Francis.

In Chiquinquira the presidential candidate took to greet the people and made some announcements about his plans for the presidential palace. “Key issues for Chiquinquira: guaranteeing drinking water for all its people, construction and maintenance of roads (especially the Ruta de los Comuneros section) and the Ubate-Chiquinquira section) and tourism as a way to create employment and sustainable growth.” Employment and mining were among the other issues discussed by the paisa leader.

Fico Gutierrez spoke about his working. He said Tunja has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation. The government’s plan is to create “about 21,000 jobs , and at minimum 300 new businesses for Boyaca”.

On the other side the other hand, he said that sustainable mobility must be developed within the department. was of the opinion that it is important to prioritize the structure of the Strategic Public Transport System. He stated together that he will continue his efforts to build roads and cycle routes.

In his most recent tweet Gutierrez also addressed the producers of the potato as well as the field, saying “Peasants of Boyaca: we will strive to generate greater opportunities for you and restore the fields.” Gutierrez is still reaching to the Colombians. He’ll communicate his government’s plan to them and hope to be different in the coming Sunday’s elections.