Fico Gutierrez continues the victory of voters. , presidential candidate The street is where votes are won. Further, Federico Gutierrez stands just 32 days away from his first presidential vote. He promises to contest Gustavo Petro (his main rival) to be the winner of the House of Narino quota.

Gutierrez began his journey early on Saturday morning for Boyaca. Boyaca was a religious area that Petro went to on Friday. Former mayor of Medellin was currently a candidate for the center-right. He went to Tunja and spoke with academics, farmers, peasants and businessmen.

The primary meeting of Fico was held at the Tunja Convention Center, where the president gathered a large crowd of people who announced their support at the polls on the 29th of May.

With ruana, and hundreds of colombians behind the candidate of the Team for Colombia, Federico posted a tweet on Twitter in which he thanked the citizens of Tunja and added: “we’re Going to win We all, we are running for president to unite and transform Colombia,” said the presidential candidate, as he recorded a swarm of people who support him without pause.

“Happy in Boyaca!” He wrote that he was happy in Boyaca due to the fact that he is the president of the people.

The second poll-pointer walked into the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira along the route. The strategically placed spot is where a multitude of followers and faithful from different parts of the country meet every weekend. In the church, the centr-right’s leader knelt and entrusted himself to the Virgin Mary in the midst of the gaze of his followers and the faithful who waited for the morning Eucharist.

“I sought the Virgin to provide me with plenty of wisdom. asked him to help me and all the families of Colombia for peace and humility.” he replied.

The presidential candidate has made a video of his visit to the area. When he arrived the area, he was welcomed by a number of people from the area. They also offered him a hug and wore the uniform of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez arrived at the temple of religious worship wearing the traditional Boyacan ruana as well as the medal of the Virgin of Chiquinquira on his chest. It was a symbol of faith that he has been demonstrating throughout his campaign. had been to Jericho (Antioquia) three weeks before and gathered with Mother Laura, the sole Colombian saint recently made a saint by Pope Francis.

In Chiquinquira, the candidate took the opportunity to welcome the people and advance some announcements in the event of arriving at the presidential palace. “Key issues in Chiquira include providing water to all citizens, the construction and maintenance of roads (especially Ruta des Comuneros & the Chiquinquira-Ubate Section) as well as tourism as a means of creating jobs and sustainable development.” Other major concerns were also addressed by the president of the paisa.

Fico Gutierrez was talking about the work. He said that Tunja has the second highest rate of unemployment within the United States. Therefore, in his government plan, he seeks out to create “about 2500 jobs, with minimum 300 new Boyaca companies”.

He added, however, that sustainable mobility must be developed in the department. In pursuit of this, he said that the Strategic Public Transport System structure should be prioritised. He said that he intends to keep his efforts to build roads and cycle routes.

Gutierrez also addressed a message to the producers of the field and the potato “Peasants and farmers of Boyaca: we will work hard to generate greater possibilities and earnings for you and re-dignify the fields,” reads his most recent tweet. Gutierrez will still reach to the Colombians and share his government plan, and hoping to be an effective candidate in next elections on Sunday.