Fico Gutierrez continues the victory of voters.

Federico Gutierrez, the presidential candidate, is adamant that votes can be obtained by the streets. In addition, he only has 32 days until the first presidential election, in which he is expected to compete with Gustavo Petro for the House of Narino’s contingent.

Gutierrez was up early on Saturday morning to travel to Boyaca. Boyaca is a religious area which Petro visited last Friday. The former mayor, currently running for the center-rightparty, was in Tunja where he met academics, businessmen and businessmen as farmers and peasants.

Fico held his main meeting at Tunja Convention Center. He was joined by a large group of notable citizens who pledged their loyalty to the elections on May 29. shared ruana and hundreds of Colombians supporting his choice for Team for Colombia. Federico also posted his Twitter video in which he praised Tunja’s citizens. wrote: “We are Going to Win, we all are going to run for president to bring about change and unity in Colombia.” As he recorded a variety of people who support him but he was not stopping.

“Happy at home in Boyaca! He added, “Happy in Boysaca!”

During the trip, the second polling pointer, reached the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira, an important spot where hundreds of followers and faithful from different parts of the country gather every weekend. There, the leader of the center-right kneeled and gave his life to the Virgin in the in the midst of his followers and the faithful who waited for the early morning Eucharist.

“I requested Virgin to help me gain wisdom. He told me that he sought his help for my family and for all families living in Colombia.

At this point the presidential candidate recorded a video of his visit. He met with residents of the sector before entering and was welcomed by them.

Gutierrez arrived wearing the customary Boyacan red ruana, as well as the medal of Virgin of Chiquinquira on his chest. It is a sign of spirituality he has been using throughout his political campaign. Three weeks ago, Antioquian visited Jericho Antioquia and gathered in the birthplace Mother Laura, who has been made a saint by Pope Francis.

The candidate traveled to Chiquinquira to greet the citizens and announce his arrival at the presidential palace. “Key Chiquira’s issues are providing water to everyone, construction and maintaining roads (especially Ruta des Comuneros & the Chiquinquira-Ubate Section), and tourism to generate jobs and sustainable development.” Other concerns were also addressed by the leader of the paisa.

Fico Gutierrez was talking about the work. He indicated that Tunja is the second-highest levels of unemployment within the country. So, in the government’s plan, he seeks out to create “about 2,000 jobs with minimum 300 new Boyaca businesses”.

On the other hand the other hand, he said that sustainable mobility must be developed within the department. To achieve this, he said that the Strategic Public Transport System structure should be given a higher priority. Together, he stated that he will continue to create roads and bicycle routes.

The most recent post on his Twitter included the following message: “Peasants, farmers of Boyaca: We will work to make more opportunities and income for you, and restore the dignity of our field.” Gutierrez is still reaching out to Colombians. He’ll discuss his plan for government with them and try to be different in the coming Sunday’s elections.