Federico Gutierrez was greeted with standing ovations by the Medellin-based restaurant

https://anotepad.com/notes/bet4259e is the candidate for the presidency of Colombia’s Team for Colombia. https://postheaven.net/fico-gutierrezazwm027/fico-gutierrez-and-his-words-to-petro-an-ally-of-the-farc-chavista to Medellin was met with applause from waiters and visitors and diners at the restaurant that is a hit in Antioquia.

This isn’t the only occasion where the candidate was accepted in this way. Gutierrez posted on his social networks the reception by a group of citizens who walked up to Gutierrez in order to show their gratitude. Federico Gutierrez was, for his part excited by the response.

Fico Gutierrez is a user of social networks posted videos throughout the day to inform his followers of the crucial day in Venezuela’s future political prospects.

In https://gemsfly.in/members/fico-gutierrezidno671/activity/690023/ before the 2022 presidential election candidates have increased their visits to cities and municipalities of the country.