Duque accuse Petro, saying that he used his job to attack army. Duque suggests Petro resign.

The president was scheduled to talk about pensions when the president decided to end his Asofundos participation. But petro gustavo decided to discuss politics instead, following being interrupted by a elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech at the Asofondos Congress Cartagena was not what he had planned. Instead of talking about pensions, Duque started to discuss politics and the ways to do. Gustavo Petro was criticized for using his position to use against the army. He also criticized the fact his dual status as an opponent as well as a congressman.

He had not even started with the greetings when the representative to the Chamber chosen by Valle del Cauca of the Green Alliance party, Duvalier Sanchez, interrupted him to ask him what he was going to do following the comments of General Eduardo Zapateiro against the statements of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.

“Article 219” of the Constitution specifically prohibits the military forces from being involved in political situations by taking sides or taking part in the debate on democracy which is currently in existence. The entire country is in turmoil. Sanchez said that this was a crucial moment for General Zapateiro’s actions. https://zenwriting.net/gustavo-petroeupk381/gustavo-petro-winner-of-the-historic-pact-lights-and-shadows held his cellphone and broadcast what was happening on Facebook.

The president responded with strong response to the disturbance by his defense of Zapateiro.

Petro’s role in the present as a congressman, head of the Opposition and an aspiring presidential candidate was also attacked further by the President Duque.

“Who are the perpetrators?” Are you Senator? The president stated that I had resigned as a Member of Congress following the successful consultation. This was to allow me, as a candidate to freely express my opinions and not wear an uni-helmet to criticize the institution and then paint myself as the victim. http://mediball.hu/members/gustavo-petrovxgk967/activity/680450/ is not democracy.”

petro gustavo tried to follow the debate, but the president interrupted him and demanded that Sanchez respect the rules.

What caused the fight between Petro & Zapateiro to start?

Petro sent this message to his social media accounts on April 20th, “While soldiers are dying in the hands of Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals work for the clan.” “The top leadership is corrupted as drug trafficking politicians rise to become generals,” wrote the presidential candidate.

On Friday, Zapateiro replied with the same words: “Senator,” do not make use of your investiture (parliamentary inviolability) to foretell the demise of our troops instead, you should fulfill your citizen duty to file a well-substantiated complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of the information you provided, regardless of who you are.