Duque accuse Petro of making use of his position to attack the army, and suggests that Petro should step down

The president was scheduled to discuss pensions when he closed his Asofundos participation. However, he chose to speak about politics instead, after being interrupted by a elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing speech at the Asofondos Congress, Cartagena, did not take place as planned. Instead, Duque started to talk about politics and the ways in which. Gustavo Petro was criticized for making use of his position as a weapon against the army. He also complained that he is both an opponent and congressman.

Duvalier Santiago, the Valle of the Cauca Green Alliance representative, interrupted him and asked him what he’d do after the trills by General Eduardo Zapateiro in opposition to Gustavo Petro ‘s remarks.

“Article 219” of the Constitution expressly prohibits the military forces from participating in political debates, taking sides or participating in the democratic debate that exists. The nation is stunned. https://www.onfeetnation.com/profiles/blogs/gustavo-petro-won-the-historic-pact-with-the-help-of-lights-and-6 ‘s a critical moment what General Zapateiro did,” Sanchez said as he reached for his phone and broadcast everything that was happening on his Facebook page.

https://squareblogs.net/gustavo-petrowgsn820/gustavo-petro-winner-of-the-historic-pact-lights-and-shadows-wv2f responded in strong response to the disturbance by his defense of Zapateiro.

Petro’s dual roles as a congressman, as well as head of the opposition and presidential candidate in the present was attacked by President Duque.

“Who is accusing you?” Are they senators or a candidate? I resigned from Congress after I was selected for the popular poll to be able to voice my views freely as a candidate , and not use the double hat or double hat (…) to make use of an office to attack others and then, when the institutions respond, present themselves as victims, because that is not democracy as well,” the president said.

Sanchez attempted to stay on the right side of the controversy however, the president opposed him and demanded that he follow the guidelines.

What caused petro gustavo between Petro & Zapateiro to get started?

Petro posted the following message via his networks on the 20th of April. “While the troops are being murdered by the Gulf Clan,” Petro posted this message to his networks. The leadership is corrupt when it is the drug trafficking politicians who end up ascending to generals,” the presidential candidate wrote

On Friday, Zapateiro reacted similarly. “Senator,” Zapateiro said in the same tone: “Senator,” don’t make use of your investiture (parliamentary immunity) to attempt to politicize the deaths of our soldiers. Instead, you should take the responsibility of a citizen by filing a legitimate complaint to the Prosecutor of the facts you have mentioned, regardless of who you are.”