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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain… What exactly does this all mean?
Let’s begin with some definitions. Blockchain technology is what allows cryptocurrency to exist. is the term that is given to the most widely-used cryptocurrency. ‘s the reason for which blockchain technology was developed. The term “cryptocurrency” refers to an exchange medium similar to the US Dollar, but it’s digital. Cryptocurrencies employ encryption methods to control creation and verify transfer of funds.
What is blockchain technology?
Blockchain is a decentralized ledger which stores all transactions made through a peer-to-peer network. Users can verify transactions making use of this technology. Possible applications include funds transfers, settling trades or voting, among many other matters.

Blockchain could also be a tool to be used for different applications other that are not related to bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
It’s beneficial to think of blockchain technology from a business point of view as a kind of next-generation software to improve business processes. Blockchain technology, a type of technology that collaborates, is expected to enhance the efficiency of business processes between companies. It may also lower the “cost per trust” which could result in significant higher investment returns than with traditional internal investments.

Financial institutions are looking into how they could also use blockchain technology to revolutionize everything from clearing and settlement to insurance. This article will discuss the reasons behind why and how these changes are happening.

For a comprehensive overview of cryptocurrency, go to The word “money” does not exist. We provide data from surveys of consumers’ familiarity with bitcoin, their usage and other aspects. We also consider how the market’s participants (such as investors, tech providers, financial institutions) will be affected when the market becomes more mature.

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While blockchain announcements are becoming less frequent and less announced than they used be, they continue to happen. Blockchain technology may bring about a new market for financial services.