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There are several options to recognize and control asparagus beetles. how to grow romaine lettuce to observe are grayish-green grubs as well as black heads that are wintering in the soil. Below are the common techniques to eliminate asparagus beetles. Continue reading to find out more. Organic pesticides can be used on plants. But be careful! Pesticides that are toxic can cause harm. Make sure you use them safely and put them away in original containers , and then remove them with care. Do not use pesticides on your streams, forage and lakes.

Spotted asparagus beetle

Finding and controlling the asparagus beetle that is spotted requires a careful approach to prevent the spread of. These insects eat asparagus spears and eggs and. The beetles live for approximately two weeks. It is important to pick the asparagus earlier than the pest starts spreading. Make sure to wipe off the spears immediately after harvesting in order in order to remove eggs. Take asparagus out as soon as the leaves are mature enough to reduce spread.

Grayish-green grubs

As for asparagus farmers, the problem of asparagus beetles is a concern. Although the asparagus beetle is an uninvolved pest but it is a threat to your crop. The temperature can be a major factor in its life cycle. The numbers of asparagus beetles are at their highest between May and June. They’re active throughout the daybut may move from one place to another in a matter of days. They’re around a quarter-inch in length with three quarter inch antennae.

Black heads

The spears that are young are attacked by the asparagus beetles. This is a pest for paragus. Although the adults aren’t hazardous, their larvae may be harmful to human beings. It is recommended to collect the spears once they have reached an acceptable length so that you can eliminate their lifespan. Adults can’t eat the spears and eggs, so don’t pick them while still young.

The soil is a winter home for the overwintering

The asparagus beetle is able to stay winter when it is an adult in secure zones. Then, in early April, adult beetles emerge from the soil and take food from asparagus plants. They hatch eggs in midor later in April. lay one egg per stalk. diy grow light within three to eight days depending on the temperatures. The larvae feed on the soil for ten to 14 days prior to crawling down the soil to develop into pupae. When the larvae are hatching, they emerge as a single adult within the subsequent spring.

Neem oil

Neem oil could be useful in battling the asparagus beetles. Although the oil isn’t poisonous, it may confuse the insect, making them less likely to feed on your vegetables. Neem oil is a good choice to treat pets as well as humans. Although neem oil can also be utilized to kill mosquitoes, it shouldn’t be used on young spears because it attracts beneficial insects.

Natural insecticides

Organic pesticides are a good option to rid your asparagus of beetles. Neem garden shade cloth can be used made from trees, and spray it over your asparagus plants. The organic insecticide kills the asparagus beetles by creating a thin barrier around the beetles. They can be sprayed off making use of neem oils. However, make sure to only use the pure formulation. Make use of it in accordance with the guidelines of the manufacturer.


Handpicking could be the solution for your asparagus beetles infesting your garden. This pest is known as dropping down when disturbed. It’s easy to trap asparagus beetles by putting the glass or bucket of water below their bodies. The water’s level will rise, be sure to hold the glass with a lid so the insects don’t fall. Use of paper, perhaps even an old pizza box to keep beetles in.