EESTEC Workshop ad Atene

Workshop “Telecommunications and networks”
(Athens, 8-15 May 2005)

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Athens… maybe a dream…We are in Cosenza, we are listening a Greek song, our song track of the event (Helena Paparizou – You ‘re My Number One), it reminds us so many things, so many special moments…As soon as we arrived to Athens, we met the “best” greek driver, we were scared, it was an unforgettable experience!!! (Maybe if he’ll come to Italy we ask him to teach us his way of driving and parking, we don’t know parking car very well, and it could be useful in a city like cosenza where there aren’t paking… )… and while the other participants were in the University with a lecture, we were sitting in a bar and tasting Greece for the first time…
We met so many wonderful people, for example my 2 roommates (Oana and Roxana) and the one additional roommate (Marius) 🙂 , some “special” greek guys 😉 and other very polite participants…
We’ll never forget the Fivos Hotel, the comfort of its common baths and showers (^_^)

The first night we spent hours sitting in a Taberna and watching the others dancing… but we didn’t teach the traditional dancing… instead the second night we went to the BEBEK, the most exclusive club in Athens, where we danced for all the time and had a lot of fun 😉
– only a few words about the 3rd night in the Irish Club for the Karaoke… Dragan was “The number one”!-

we visited the Olympic Village, AIT (“… camera-camera … ” ^_^), OTE, ancient cities and new beaches, Aigina and the WONDERFUL Acropolis!!!!

We think every event change us a little bit, every event teaches us something important, every event is different and unforgettable, every event gives us special memories… We remember the Acropolis over us, when we came back to the Hotel, when we walked down “Monastiraki”… We try to imagine how that street looks like in this moment, I try to imagine Athens without the participants…

Will we meet again? around Europe, during another event? somewhere in this world…

Our last thought is a piece of a song which I like very much, we write it in Italian and then translate it in English, our experience let us believe in these words:
“Un giorno, guidati da stelle sicure, ci ritroveremo in qualche angolo di mondo lontano, tra i musicisti e gli sbandati o sui sentieri dove corrono le fate… ”
En: “One day, guided by sure stars, we’ll meet again in a far piece of the world, within musiciants and tramps, or down the streets where the fairies run… ”

(room n°12- with the view on the hall-)
LC Cosenza