Workshop lubiana 2004

Workshop “NGN – Convergence in Telecommunication”
(Lubiana, 17-24 Aprile 2004)

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Well! It’s time to draw the conclusions of one of the most marvellous experiences that I had never lived. Looking for recall the very long and very intense days in which it was held the workshop, I can’t do less than get lost in the countlesses memories of unforgettable moments. It seems as if I’m waking up after a sweet dream at the end of which a little sadness remains, placed side by side by the enjoyable certainty that I lived in a full way an extraordinary event.The workshop was a formidable mix of learning and fun, saying this I want to give my congratulations to the organizers, exceptional adventure-fellows, for the excellent organization.Living this experience, I had the possibility to get in touch with different realities and to meet guys truly groover with who I shared moments of great complicity.
Everything took place under the great Ljubljana’s sky, an unforgettable town that revealed me not only her past rich in art and culture, but also her avant-gardist aspect ,which make Ljubljana one of the most beautiful european capitals: surely a very good place where you can spend your holidays.The lectures to Mobitel and the visit to Iskratel were very interesting and formative: they gave us the opportunity to appreciate the technological developments that Slovenia is knowing in the telecommunications field and in some way gave us the possibility to make a comparison with our reality, so checking a level of technological parity between the two countries, Italy and Slovenia.

I’m very pleased with how the things were gone; I’m sure about the fact that this was an experience that I would like to do again! Thanks for everything, you were great!!!

Mariangela Molé
LC Cosenza