EESTEC Workshop “Up-to-date Internet Services”

Workshop “Up-to-date Internet Services”
(Ljubljana, 23 – 30 Marzo 2003)

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This is the first workshop I’ve ever participated.
I think every workshop should be as this one, if them are not so yet.
Day One
I arrive at Ljubljana on Sunday 23, but at 3:00 A.M.; I can just get out from the train that someone bring me to a party! That is a good beginning!
During the day LC Ljubljana bring us to our accommodation, then we decide to have a look of this beautiful city by ourselves.
The Welcome Party at KMS Club is great! The Spanish group and… someone else decide to have a special kind of game, but I don’t like wine so much, so I just have a look of their alcoholic “enterprises”.

Day Two
In the morning we have a look of Electrical Engineering Faculty of Ljubljana and its laboratories; Laboratory for Biomedical Visualization and Muscle Biomechanics impress me very much because of the most of their projects are directed to improve the health of people who had accident and need rehabilitation: engineering helps health! As a Java programmer, I’m personally also interested about Laboratory for Computational Electromagnetics and its JaCoB which, in few words, is a simulator of electromagnetics experiments, and is of course developed in Java! As an Italian guy, instead, in Laboratory for Robotics, I’m glad to see that I play soccer better than some little artificial plastic boxes 🙂
In the afternoon our hosts bring us to have a sightseeing of the city, overall (in every sense) Ljubljanski Grad, the fortress over the hill which dominates the whole city.
At the party of this night, finally LC Ljubljana has a moment of “and now what we can do?” because the dinner is not ready but our stomachs (mine overall) are singing a new kind of music; in few time our hosts solve brilliantly the situation with pizza’s help! Day Three
We are arrived at the first day of “real” Workshop, when Iskratel, a big Slovenian telephone company, have lectures about broadband protocols, and explained us how transmission of voice over IP protocol works; we have just the time to have lunch that in the afternoon is our turn: we have to configure Iskratel’s phone connected to the LAN, and which connects PCs with LAN, until we are able to make phone call among us, and our voice is transmitted through the LAN!
Finally we can “touch by hands” hardware and systems we just studied over books, so it was very exciting!
For dinner our hosts bring us to a pizzeria. I’m an italian guy, so I prefer to eat nothing italian, but at last the pizza (with an incredible amount of green chili pepper) is good, and the beer, served in a “torrino” or “giraffe” (the name depends by language of the drinker) is excellent.

Day Four
The topic for this morning is Cisco lecture; in the first part, the guy who present, show us how the enterprise works, which is its “vision”, and all the advantages of Cisco employees; at the end we explain him that we are not management engineer, so he have also a brief speech about something more “hardware”; by the way, I think many of us got the will to work for Cisco!
In the afternoon some guys LTFE (Laboratory for Telecommunications, Faculty of Electrical Engineering) learn us how to build and test a Wap application, which is not so different from a normal Html page, and I decide to send to my e-mail account all the docs and experiment about it, because I want to learn more about Wap programming!
I was so excited that I forgotten where and what we eaten this night!

Day Five
Today is Nil’s turn. Nil is another Slovenian telephone company, and the lecturers pass all the morning to explain us how a Cisco router must be configured and how its configuration language works in connection with IP Protocol. Then, in the afternoon, we have to configure a net, composed by a LAN and four routers. The problem is that task is not so simple for us, probably because we haven’t the time to assimilate in jut few hours all the information we need to go on with the task. By the way, it is a very interesting experience and also in this case we seen practically how routers works in the “real life”.
I’m ill, but this is our last night in Ljubljana, so I decide to go out after dinner and have a party with the others in an outer pub where waitress are very nice and often dance with us behind the bar! the only problem is that I’m getting some antihistaminic and I can’t drink alcoholics 🙁

Day Six
Workshop has end yesterday, so we finally can sleep more today, but not till 12 as many of us wish, because we have to leave to go to our final destination: a very nice farmstead in a very small village among very high mountains, Velike Bloke.
Before to arrive there, we go to visit Iskratel’s plant where is showed us how Iskratel’s products are built and tested, both in hardware and in software; in the afternoon, instead, our hosts bring us to Bled, which is a very beautiful tourist city close to a lake which has a small island inside. The village is pretty and I’ve the unique occasion to give a swan some food, at my own risk, because swans are pretty but not so friendly! In late afternoon we arrive at Velike Bloke where we have a fast dinner and a long and interesting and exciting party!

Day Seven
Today our hosts prepared for us a sightseeing of Slovenia: they show us some particular natural bridges built by a river, and one of hungarian guys decide to take advantage of it and have a swim in the cold river!
When we come back in Velike Bloke we have just the time to prepare a barbeque for lunch and to eat all the meat…. that is time for dinner yet! But we are strong young guys, so we have dinner too 🙂 This is also the last day of the workshop, so tonight we have the Welcome Party when the spanish guys have a surprise for us: sangria! Finally I’m not so ill, so I haven’t to get antihistaminic, I get just another kind of medicine: alcohol, in the beer, in the sangria, in the rakija, etc… I’m not sure when exactly we go bed, the only thing I know is that after few minutes some guys (some hosts and some guests together) decide to wake us up!

Day Eight
Workshop is over. We sadly prepare our stuffs and come back to Ljubljana, where we have to get trains or buses or planes. We pass a middle of day in a park close to the station then, one group at time, we left. It is a very sad moment because we stayed so nice together in these few days and now we have to go everyone to his/hers place.
The only consolation is that I will meet again many of them in Cosenza at our Congress, but for me, at this moment, is not enough.

Alessandro Ruffolo
LC Cosenza