EESTEC Workshop a Budapest

Workshop “IT security”
(Budapest, 19-27 Febbraio 2005)

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I’m laying on my bed, I’m trying to processing all of the images collected in these too fast days… A few days before the opening of the event I sent main organizers this email:> From: “Eleonora Pantano” < >
> Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:51:21 +0000
> To: “Szabo Janos”< >, “Zsolt Czinkán” < >
> Subject: GOOD LUCK!!!!
> from ex-chairwoman to Elnök (Janos) and Nemzetközi ügyekért felelõs
> ( Zsolt, but CP is easier)- I’m learning hungarian- …
> I want to wish you GOOD LUCK!!! I’m sure you are doing your best and
> it’s going to be a great event!
> I hope I’ll make the second part of workshop full of italian smiles :DI participated only to the second part of the event. I left Italy with a lot of big expectations, but I could never think I could miss Budapest so much… and the Hungarians… I wanted to breath and live the city as much as possible, I did!!! I see Hungary from the plane, a white Hungary, and the city of Budapest become nearer. I leave the plane: my trip starts now!I remember parties, the visit to the beer factory (and the drink in that factory ^_^ ), streets and squares, monuments, the food with a lot of onion, dirty dancing, new and old friends, the most important sentence: “A barátom vagy” (you are friend!), we spoke different languages, we had different cultures, we were from different countries and cities, but we were together, we had fun together, the rest is not important!… for the first time I walked down the street in the snow…

I came back to Italy, and I should order my memories for this report, but it is difficult, too many things to say and too less space and time to do it…

What can I say now?
was the beer tasty?
was the workshops beautiful?
were organizers funny?
were hungarian traditional dancing interesting?
was the food good?
was the weather hot?
was my group-leader efficient?


I can say only one thing: I’ll never forget the time spent in Budapest, I’ll treasure every moment, because every moment was unforgettable… every smile, every laugh, every voice (especially the sexy voice of the CP of BP), every word, every song is ungorttable… the pictures are only one piece, and they are not enough to describe the feelings, the emotions, the joy…

I hope the members of LC Budapest can send me back my hearth, I think it is still there (with all of them)…

Eleonora Pantano
LC Cosenza