EESTEC Exchange Nis 2003

Exchange Nis (14-16 Agosto 2003)
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(Report from EESTEC Magazine, October 2003)After two and a half a year of its working as a valid member of EESTEC, LC Nis has completely renewed its board. Right away, the members of the new board have decided to organize one mini exchange to try out them selves. The exchange was organized in time when the big music festival “Nisomnia” was held in Nis. Unfortunately, due to many cancellations, there were only two guests that participated. Those were Ana Mircevska from LC Skopje, Macedonia and Marco Lackovic, LC Cosenza, Italy.Words about Nisomnia. It is a music festival where many popular bends and DJ’s from Nis, Serbia and other countries take part. This is the second year that it is held in the fortress in Nis, and already it became a tradition. This year’s name number one was British group Kosheen. Over 20 000 people attended the festival for 3 days of madness.Ana and Marco were placed at the apartments of our chairman Mladen and C.P. Stefa. They visited our national-historic monuments: the Fortress, the Scull Tower, and the Fists. Also, LC Nis for this exchange organized a road trip to Soko Banja, a spa (banja) 60 kilometers far from Nis, and a picnic. Guests visited another fortress, Soko grad, which is placed on a hill near Soko Banja. Another day, the exchange went to another spa (banja) called Niska Banja and EESTEC-ers experienced swimming in hot mineral water in the pool “Radon”. For two evenings we attended Nisomnia and other nights we went to our popular clubs, Saloon and Galeria. I assure you that parties never stopped before 5 A.M. We hope that the guests enjoyed whole exchange.This was the short review of the event. Our board concluded that the exchange was successful and decided to organize bigger exchange/workshop in the end of the September during conference TELSIKS (6th International Conference on Telecommunications in Modern Satellite, Cable and Broadcasting Services; October 1-3, 2003, Nis, Serbia and Montenegro) that is going to be held at our university.

See you at TELSIKS 2003 !!!